Jan 04,2020

Three Reasons Why a Modern Home Design Works For Any Age Today

Residential architecture tells a story of years past, some suburban homes capture the Victorian era of homes, with their wrought-iron verandas and simple, yet functional designs, while the post-war brick veneer style of homes, which became popular after World War II, can still be found across the country today.


When it comes to building a luxury house designs in Perth, we are firm believers that the modern home design works for homebuilders of any age.


What is a Modern Home Design?

The modern home design we know today was born out of a rejection of other more decorative styles, such as Renaissance and Victorian styles.


Modernism strips away a lot of the decorative, heavy textures of yesteryear to create a sleek, somewhat minimalist design that makes the space practical and functional while allowing the homeowner to get creative with the interior design and décor.


How can it Work for Me?

Many Beaumonde Homes’ clients opt for a modern home design because it produces a clean, sleek look that won’t date quickly.


As house builders in Perth, we take great pride in designing modern homes that are high performance and meet all of your expectations.


To find out more about high performance house designs in Perth, take a look at our blog here.



The clean lines and modest detail of a modern home design leaves the customisation up to the homeowner, allowing décor such furniture, indoor plants and art to become the centerpieces of the room.


Modern home design uses a lot of wood, metal, stone and glass to create simple structures that become a basis for your creative flair.


When it comes to choosing the details of your home design, luxury homebuilders in Perth such as Beaumonde Homes can guide you to choose colours and textures for your home that work beautifully together.



A big drawcard of the modern home design is its simple, efficient layout that maximises your views and natural sunlight, results in less interior walls and doors and overall creates an aesthetically pleasing experience.


In a modern home design, nothing is randomly chosen or placed; everything has a practical purpose.


This practical, minimalist design detail also lends itself to be a more cost effective option when you are building a home, as you don’t have to consider and pay for all of the decorative designs.



When you are designing each room in your home with your trusted homebuilder, you want to make sure it is as functional and efficient as possible.


Modern home designs create optimum functionality through large open designs, natural sunlight and airflow, removing obstacles and unnatural transitions between spaces so that you can get the most out of your home.


At Beaumonde Homes, we don’t build houses, we build homes that are made for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


Contact the team at Beaumonde Homes today to find out how we can craft you a truly unique modern house design in Perth.


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