It was a very pleasant experience building with Beaumonde homes. We had a very vague idea about what we wanted but to see the final product which exceeded our expectation in every aspect is simply amazing. The whole building process was very smooth, on time and on budget. Mark Weldon (design consultant) is very knowledgeable, easy to approach and handle our every request with utmost care. He not only ensured that the house is design to our requirement but was extremely careful to properly utilise the land with minimum setback in the challenging corner block.

The office staff (Lindsay, Andrew, Julie, Joanne and Natalie), Interior designer (Tamlin) and site supervisor (Paul) were very efficient in terms of overall planning, pre-selection and communication. They were also instrumental in providing alterative ideas and their attention to detail was immaculate. They made the overall process stress free for us.

We also found that all the subcontractors knew each other very well and their working style was very complimentary to each other, which helped ensure the final product is of very high quality without any mistakes. We had a very close interaction with Rob (Tiling), Dean (bricklayer), Ben (flooring), Rameen (Painter), Ryan (electrician), John (Rendering), Steve (Pool), Steve (concrete), Darren (AC), Gavin (cabinets), Marty (carpenter), Joel and team (Aquatech Plumbing). They were all really AMAZING.

It was also very pleasing to know that the owner (Elio and Troy) of the Beaumonde homes were also directly involved in the overall process and we had direct interactions with them. They stand by the quality of the work which also gave us extra assurance.

Overall, building with Beaumonde homes was a pleasant experience and if we ever build another house, we would be very happy to work with them again. Quality builder with very high standard, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Best Regards, Shambhu

We have never built before, so choosing a builder to build our dream home was never easy.
So, why did we choose Beaumonde? Maybe we got fascinated by the name, Beaumonde? Yes, we met many different builders along the initial journey, so why did we not decide to give them the opportunity to build for us?

The one person who decided it for us is the business consultant, Mark Weldon. Mark is someone with in depth knowledge and patience(!!) and most importantly, believes in relationships. And that relationship has continued on from pre commencement of building to post handover.
That said, Beaumonde has a fantastic team, from administration through tradesmen and suppliers. We have got to know so many people and it’s hard to mention everyone, but the following names stands out, from Mark to Paul (supervisor), Rob (tiler) and of course, Troy!

To us, quality is a very important aspect of building, and this is where Beaumonde demonstrates the high quality of their building through experienced tradesman, suppliers and products.

It would be naïve not to mention that there were no hiccups along the way, from minor changes to plans to unforeseen alterations. The team at Beaumonde always made sure that there is a solution to any changes and accommodated with minimal fuss. Even after post handover, Troy would always be at the forefront in dealing with any arising issue.

We started off with hesitation, not knowing what to expect and came out through the journey with new relationships and a beautiful quality home that we are very happy with.

Thanks to Troy and the team at Beaumonde

Veronica Chiew

Our building experience with Beaumonde Homes was fantastic from the first visit to the display centre at Dianella Heights to the completion of our home and the handing over of our keys. We have a beautifully designed, well-constructed home that reflects exactly what we envisioned.
The team at Beaumonde Homes, from our designer Steve, Andrew our main point of contact to Paul our supervisor and all the trades in between were not only brilliant at their jobs, but easy to work with and very helpful along the journey. Their combined efforts made our building experience seamless and enjoyable and we very much appreciate all the effort that went in to making our home perfect.
We highly recommend Beaumonde Homes and know we have the best house on the street!
Gail and Peter Glendenning

Gail Glendenning

We have just moved into our new and wanderful home, built by Beaumonde. We highly recommend Beaumonde to anyone whos is looking for a quality builder. The Beaumonde team, starting from the sales rep at their display home in Eluca, have been brilliant. They dealt with shire issues on our behalf, they’re advice on design, functionality and quality was highly valued. Beamonde tradies were clean, polite, and highly skillfull.
The office team and foreman were also prompt in responding to phone calls and emails. Overall, we would build again with Beaumonde without thinking twice, Thank you Team Beaumonde ??

Laura Oh

Very pleased with the team at Beaumonde homes. Everything was done properly, no shortcuts were taken and Troy, Andrew and Paul were a pleasure and easy to work with. Any issues were rectified quickly and without fuss. Would recommend Beaumonde to others. The final build is of exceptional quality and a testament to the hard work Troy and his family have put in to make the company what it is today.

Bren Tan

Our building experience with Beaumonde Homes was fantastic from the first visit to the display centre at Dianella Heights to the completion of our home and the handing over of our keys. We have a beautifully designed, well-constructed home that reflects exactly what we envisioned.

The team at Beaumonde Homes, from our designer Steve, Andrew our main point of contact to Paul our supervisor and all the trades in between were not only brilliant at their jobs, but easy to work with and very helpful along the journey. Their combined efforts made our building experience seamless and enjoyable and we very much appreciate all the effort that went in to making our home perfect.

We highly recommend Beaumonde Homes and know we have the best house on the street!

Gail and Peter Glendenning

Having never built before and hearing all sorts of awful stories from friends who were building before us with various builders, we were a little nervous…. but our experience was fantastic. Beaumonde were on time, on budget, easy to deal with and we love our new house. We learned a lot from our very experienced and personable site supervisor Kevin and we would build again with them in the future. We recommend them to everyone.


We have just moved into our newly constructed two story Beaumonde Home in the northern suburbs. The construction took approximately 14 months following demolition of a previous property and construction of retaining walls. From the start, the salesman, Mark Wheldon ensured that we ended up with a home to be proud of and made excellent suggestions to improve our early plans. There was no pressure sales talk, only helpful advice and prompt responses to questions.

During construction, Gorgi was our coordinator and was keen to see that the building works met with our expectations, responding to any issue we had. The standard of the build was excellent and did not employ any low quality short cut construction methods often seen in the building industry today. We met with most of the tradesmen working on the build, many of whom had worked for Beaumonde Homes for many years and were very proud to have done so. The quality of the work undertaken by each trade was very high, particularly the tiling, cabinetry, brickwork and electrical.

We can honestly say that we have not regretted putting our trust in Beaumonde Homes to build our dream home. It will be the largest investment we will ever make and we look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

Graham Reddin

We spent much time looking at display homes and researching the companies involved. From the first time we entered the Beaumonde display home we could see the quality and design was to our liking. It stood out from all the others. The sales rep became our design consultant – an 18 month process handled with patience and aplomb! The build was as expected – completed by experienced tradesman who have worked for Beaumonde for many, many years. We were continuously updated and consulted with along the way – no unwanted surprises or disappointments. We now have our dream home in a dream location. Ask your design consultant to do your handover! Thank you Beaumonde Homes!!

Jim Van Der List

Our family did a major renovation with Beaumonde in 2011 and we went back to them to build another lovely house in 2016.
Both projects were handled very professionally and the quality was above standard .

Any concerns we had along the way, were dealt with a willingness to resolve and remedy.
We had minor post building issues, which they attended to immediately and with no further concerns we are happily enjoying our beautiful Home.

Donna Di Camillo

Very pleased with the team at Beaumonde homes. Everything was done properly, no shortcuts were taken and Troy, Andrew and Paul were a pleasure and easy to work with. Any issues were rectified quickly and without fuss. Would recommend Beaumonde to others. The final build is of exceptional quality and a testament to the hard work Troy and his family have put in to make the company what it is today.

Brendan Tan

Home building for the first time can be a very challenging, daunting and may be an unpleasant experience. That’s what we thought.

Beaumonde homes proved us wrong. To build with experienced and reputed builders like Beaumonde homes was possibly the best decision we ever made. We were very lucky to meet Mark Weldon who helped us not only in custom designing our house but also to control the cost, at the same time deliver what we wanted. Unlike any other builders sales consultant, He was present and helping us during the entire process of building.

Beaumonde has got an absolutely excellent team, may it be Mark himself, Gorgi, Andrew, Paul. They know what they are doing and are masters in their craft. Their suggested tradies are brilliant. Tiler Rob, and Jarrad for washed aggregate, Rameez the painter are all great people and perfectionist.

Overall we did not have any trouble in building and the built was done in record time of 12 months. Ours is a relatively big 2 stories custom designed house.
Whoever is reading this review i can assure you that if you are building with Beaumonde, you are in safe and experienced hands. I would not hesitate a bit to highly recommend them as a quality builder.

Thank you so much Beaumonde Homes Team for giving us our Dream house.

Nishant Vaishnav



If there is something like Dream Home – ours is truly one of those… Ours is a very unique story – we have been renovating for so many years and have extended and renovated over ten houses… we finally decided to build our own home… we had the design in our mind, we knew what we wanted – but it was to be converted to reality… and who else could have done it better than Beaumonde Homes….

We have occasionally heard people talk about their testing experiences with builders – in our opinion it all comes down to self-clarity of what you want and ensuring that you relay your needs to the builder as minutely and clearly as practical. Any “false” experience during the built is always a product of lack of common understanding.

We are so glad for two things – (1) right from the onset we knew exactly what we want; (2) our fate guided us through to the right builder who could convert our dream to reality!! We would certainly call out that Beaumonde was successful in delivering such a beautiful home, ONLY because of the people who we dealt with – it makes a whole lot of difference as to who we are dealing with and their commitment to the profession… Any builder who works on process – system – or rudimentary procedures would never be able to get your home to fruition! In case of Beaumonde it’s the people that made the difference throughout…

Mark Weldon is rightfully titled a “design consultant” (shouldn’t be called a sales consultant). He is the one who opened the door for us to become positive about Beaumonde! He is the perfect first person to meet at Beaumonde and take your project from concept to design!! He patiently worked with us to finalise the design and work through our extensive list of requirements, providing us options and choices and guiding us to the final design…. Having discussion with Mark throughout the costing phase and design finalisation up to the contract stage, gave us confidence that our money is going to be right hands… Mark enabled us to keep control of the selections and items that meant the most to us, including the options to secure a good price and deal for those for us to supply… many builders do not allow this (or make it too difficult to make this happen)…

Tamlin from Prince Design is an exceptional interior designer with great eye for detail and contemporary designs that will last the test of time. She worked with us to make all selections and colours appropriate for our home. She was there at hand for advice and support all the way to the end…. Great work Tamlin!

As the project entered the contract phase, Beaumonde did face challenges with the “apparent” shortfall in their design staff which may be caused by timing of many projects maturing to the design phase – however they were swift on site.

During construction Gorgi and Paul were the pillars and handled every element of the construction to a high quality. The one thing Beaumonde can be very proud of is the selection of their subcontractors who deliver the quality that Beaumonde prides in… They are exceptionally skilled and work so well gelled with each other and I am sure time and again they deliver the best and move on – never probably able to appreciate their product that will forever be the pride of the owners of the house. For us the people whom we interfaced with included the bricklayer and plasterers (a highly composed and efficient team), Rob Pillington (Tiler – amazing work with wet area tiling!), Gavin (Latrobe cabinets – what a quality work throughout – we even got Gavin to do more cabinet work for us looking at the quality) Ryan (Rizlec electricals), Rameen (Painting), Marty (carpenter), and above all Premium Stones (who did the extensive stone work in our kitchen and all wet areas. We have certainly missed a lot of people – but their every smiling faces and cheerful attitude has etched a permanent positive image on us! Our tiles were supplied by Trend Ceramic and Malaga Tiling and the house and fie place including front façade was tiled by Malaga tiles to perfection.

We had hired an independent inspector to monitor the build and he had such a rave review of the quality of work that all the contractors did on site. For any minor observations our inspector made, Beaumonde was swift at addressing them without making a fuss of it.

In addition, Beaumonde put us in touch with other suppliers such as Jarrod (Dixon Concrete) who did an exceptional work of our exposed aggregate in our driveway and front courtyard.

Throughout the built, there were occasions where we wanted flexibility to deal with our preferences and choices and Beaumonde’s staff were exceptional in providing us with choices and enabling appropriate selections that delivered to a high-quality finish! Andrew Neil and Dean Smith assisted us during this phase.

Karren (whom we didn’t get to meet in person yet) handled so many of our selection queries during the last phase of construction, oozed confidence and it was always comfortable to talk to her, even though we may have been anxious with things at time – what an excellent performer Karren….

On reflection, having met many builders and visited numerous display homes, when we sit back and reflect on what we received, we have doubts if anyone could match the quality and price that we got for the job that we have done with Beaumonde!! All this was possible only because of the people who make up the complete team at Beaumonde – so guys hang on to these exceptional people and keep the great customer service on!

We are so glad about our decision of having gone with Beaumonde and after our build we can surely say that we will go again with the team that Beaumonde put up – great job folks – we look forward to enjoying our home for some generations…

Many thanks guys

Sunita – Ankur and entire Maheshwari household

We are so glad we went with Beaumonde Homes and, after our first build, understand that it is the people you deal with and the quality of the end-product that counts – and that’s what Beaumonde delivered us.

When looking to undertake our first new home build Beaumonde Homes were not initially on our list of potential builders. But, after talking to my next-door neighbour who was using them for a second time, I decided to give them a chance to quote. It was their Building Consultant, Mark Weldon, who won us over with his practical and collaborative approach. We loved his sense of humour and he was genuinely working in our interests to get a design that suited us at the best combination of price and quality.

Once signed up it was over to Andrew in the office to sort out the detail. We loved his down-to-earth approach and we adopted many ideas that he and Mark suggested. Pre-start design choices was easy with Tamlin Prince, and Karren was efficient and easy to deal with getting the paperwork done throughout the build.

Our construction supervisor was brilliant to work with. Gorgi always made himself available for discussions or on-site meetings and was open an honest in our dealings. There were a few little hiccups on the way, but it was how well and quickly they were dealt with that counted – Gorgi was reliable and trustworthy.

All the tradies used on the job were not only highly skilled and delivered top quality results, but they were really great people too. They put up with all our “dumb” questions, were respectful of the property when working there, and were eager to get best result for us. The “big ticket” items of cabinetry (Gavin at Latrobe Cabinets) and bench-top stone work (Hik at Metro Mable) turned out stunning and really make the house shine – we have had many positive comments from friends and family.

I know that I will probably miss some people, but other key trades on the build that deserve special recognition are Ryan (Rizlec electrical); Joe (Aqua Tech Plumbing & Gas Services); Gary (Baines bricklaying); Mike (MTS Tiling); Marty (Leadon’s Carpentry); Rameeen (Jaguar Painting Services); and Johnny (Ultimate Plastering). Beaumonde also introduced me to Jarrod (Dixon Concrete) and Steve (5 star pools) who installed the aggregate driveway and plunge pool that really finished off the build to a high standard. A huge thanks to all.

Glenn Keating

We have recently had the pleasure of building our wonderful family home with Beaumonde Homes. This is our second time round building with Beaumonde. Our first experience with Beaumonde and the quality finish of our first home brought us back to them. The entire process from design through construction and to handover was a pleasure as the team of Mark, Jenna, Andrew, Paul and Troy kept us informed and helped us at every step of the process. We are extremely happy with our new home and are extremely thankful to the team at Beaumonde for helping us build our fantastic home.

Adrian Chapman

We are so pleased we chose Beaumonde to build our new home. We spent a good couple of years researching builders and visiting display homes and in the end we couldn’t fault the design and quality Beaumonde had to offer. From initial contact with the Building Consultant, Mark Weldon to the handover of our keys from Troy Galante our experience has been smooth sailing and as stress free as a new home build could be. We built our home in an inner city established area where there isn’t a lot of building going on and were mindful to cause as little disruption to our new neighbours. We heard nothing but great feedback during the course of the build and again once we moved in stating how respectful all the trades were, how clean the site was and how noise was kept to a minimum. It meant a lot to us building with a privately family owned company like Beaumonde and always feeling like a valued customer and not just a number. I guess in the end the question is would we ever build with Beaumonde again? Absolutely and without hesitation. Thank you Beaumonde for our beautiful family home.

Scott Crowden

I have built three houses over the past 6 years. My first two houses were with “reputable” builders, etc. Both were a difficult experience! It is seldom that you build a house and walk away with a smile on your face and being satisfied with the experience. In my case I have just finished with Beaumonde and the experience, the quality and approach to the project has been exemplary! From the sales Consultant, Mark Weldon to the Supervisor, Gorgi and all the trades can not be faulted. The personal approach of “can do” attitude and extra effort can only be commended. This Company does NOT take any short cuts! I am exceptionally happy with the entire process and can only talk in highest regard of the Company, their ethics, the staff and their trades. Our home was a custom built house, with quite a high specification. Beaumonde went out of their way to ensure that all were done to the highest possible standard. I have not seen such an approachable Supervisor and Building manager on any of my previous builds. I can only advise any other person considering to build with Beaumonde to actually speak to some of their previous clients and get their comments. I know of a number of clients that has built a number of homes with them and comment on the quality and ethics. My next project will definitely be with Beaumonde, even if they may be more expensive! Well done to all at the Company! I can recommend them without any reservation. Thank you Beaumonde Homes.

Jaco Klopper

I have had some good building experiences in the past because I had chosen my builders very carefully. Beaumonde was no exception, if you are a careful person like me then Beaumonde won’t let you down.
Gorgi is the best site supervisor I have ever encountered, he responded to our concerns as soon as he was available and put his thoughts in problem solving.
Jenna is such a lovely lady, explained in detail on complicated issues and processed our requests without delay. She is now a mum I wish her all the best.
Mark is very creative with great sense of humour, whatever ideas you have he can put them onto drawings.
In reality nothing is perfect, difficulties might arise along the whole building process, going through with Beaumonde’s friendly staff, experienced tradies and approachable site supervisor will make your building process a worry-free journey.

Boris Chang

I worked with Beaumonde Homes to build my dream home in 2006. The experience was enjoyable, smooth, transparent and they delivered me a quality built home with no hassles. I highly recommend Beaumonde Homes for anyone looking to build!

Chad Fletcher

The best people in town build my house and I cannot be more happy with work they did thank you Beaumonde Homes for great job. I would not hesitate to recommend Beaumonde Homes to anyone wanting to build their dream home!

Margot Todd – Mosman Park

As a first time home builder the thought of building is quite daunting. I could not be happier with the team at Beaumonde Homes, they have guided me through every step of the way and continually made me feel comfortable with the building process. The level of detail and the effort that their team goes to is something, that as a client, is held in high regard. We built a custom design home that required many changes and redesigns to suit our block, Beaumonde were extremely patient with us and always provided multiple options to help us make our decision. I cannot recommend them enough, and I urge all of those considering to build a new home to contact the team at Beaumonde Homes.

Mace Turco

Twenty five years ago Beaumonde Homes built our first home, with another two homes to follow. Each time our vision, no matter how challenging and difficult to achieve, was met by Beaumonde with “Let’s make it happen”, and it did, with a minimum of fuss.

Rod and Shana Russell – Mount Pleasant

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