Jun 24,2020

Veronica Chiew

We have never built before, so choosing a builder to build our dream home was never easy.
So, why did we choose Beaumonde? Maybe we got fascinated by the name, Beaumonde? Yes, we met many different builders along the initial journey, so why did we not decide to give them the opportunity to build for us?

The one person who decided it for us is the business consultant, Mark Weldon. Mark is someone with in depth knowledge and patience(!!) and most importantly, believes in relationships. And that relationship has continued on from pre commencement of building to post handover.
That said, Beaumonde has a fantastic team, from administration through tradesmen and suppliers. We have got to know so many people and it’s hard to mention everyone, but the following names stands out, from Mark to Paul (supervisor), Rob (tiler) and of course, Troy!

To us, quality is a very important aspect of building, and this is where Beaumonde demonstrates the high quality of their building through experienced tradesman, suppliers and products.

It would be naïve not to mention that there were no hiccups along the way, from minor changes to plans to unforeseen alterations. The team at Beaumonde always made sure that there is a solution to any changes and accommodated with minimal fuss. Even after post handover, Troy would always be at the forefront in dealing with any arising issue.

We started off with hesitation, not knowing what to expect and came out through the journey with new relationships and a beautiful quality home that we are very happy with.

Thanks to Troy and the team at Beaumonde


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