Apr 09,2019

Make a Sound Investment with a Custom-Designed Home


If you are in the market to buy a new home, you may be trying to decide whether existing or custom-designed is right for you.

While buying an older, existing house may give you instant gratification, building a custom-designed house will see your family well into the future.

A custom-designed home from a luxury homebuilder is more than just a new home; it is a great long-term investment that is designed to suit you and your family’s needs.

A Custom House is an Investment, Not a Purchase

Many homebuyers are leaning towards a custom-built home today because it offers them the opportunity to design the home they want and need, rather than settling for a house that only offers some of the aspects you need.

Budget Control

Choosing a luxury homebuilder will allow you to control your costs from initial house plans to the finished product.

When you engage a custom home builder in Perth such as Beaumonde Homes, you will have a dedicated team member work with you to discuss your needs and help you to design every feature in your home.

As part of the process, a homebuilder will draw up your house plans, manage the building phase and liaise with you every step in the way to ensure your home stays within your budget.

High-Quality Standards

Finding a company who can build your home exactly to your needs is important – not only do you need to trust them to listen to you, you need to be sure they can actually build your home the way you want.

Luxury homebuilders such as Beaumonde Homes are built on reputation, using the highest quality materials to build your home to the highest standard.

The initial cost of investing in a custom-built home may be slightly higher than buying an existing home, but down the track, a custom home will attract a higher property value

Deal Directly with your Luxury Custom Builder

If you chose to build your home with a commercial homebuilder, you might find yourself with multiple contacts during the design, construction and finishing phase.

With a luxury custom-builder like Beaumonde Homes, customer service is paramount, which means you will have a constant point of contact for all your queries.

Original Design

Creating a custom home not only gives you a home unlike any other, but it also adds substantial value to your property if you choose to sell down the track.

Other homebuyers will see the value in your home’s unique design, so you are more likely to sell your home for a premium price.

Hire a Reliable Homebuilder and Save Costs

Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some guidance, a custom home builder can work with you to create your dream home.

Choosing a reliable home builder will not only save you from those overly stressful moments, but it will also save you on costs over the duration of your build.

Reputable luxury homebuilders know their limits, including what is achievable within your timeframe and budget, so they can accurately quote on the costs involved and streamline the process from brief to design and finally, your completed home.

Custom Homes by Beaumonde Homes

Beaumonde Homes has built an enviable reputation, with more than three decades of luxury, high-quality homes built in Western Australia.

We understand that while a homebuilder may look good on paper, or on the internet, you need to see their work first hand to truly understand what they can help you to achieve.

That is why we encourage all of our potential clients to visit one of our display homes in WA, as this gives you the chance to view how Beaumonde Homes can truly build your home to the highest standard.

Contact the team at Beaumonde Homes today to get started on your luxury homebuilding journey.


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