Mar 24,2019

Green Homes are Outdated. Consider Building High-Performance Homes Instead


With more people becoming increasingly eco-friendly and environmentally aware, a green home became the benchmark to strive for when designing and building a new home.

However, as construction methods and technology improve, we have established a higher standard to aim for, which brings us to high-performance homes.

A high-performance home goes beyond energy efficiency, aiming for a more holistic approach to sustainability.

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences in the US, a high-performance building is one that “integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance, and occupant productivity.”

So why should modern-day homebuilders in Perth be aiming for high performance homes?

Beat the Heat

Perth is the sunniest capital city in the country, with an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day!

An abundance of sunshine, coupled with Perth’s Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters means that more often than not, Perthians are looking to escape the heat.

Building a home that is energy efficient not only helps you to keep cool when the temperature peaks, it also helps to lower energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

Designing and building a high-performance home involves going beyond building standards to create an impeccably insulated home that works hand-in-hand with renewable technology and energy efficient heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable while also being more eco-friendly.

Make a Home that is Built to Last

Bricks and mortar may seem to last a lifetime, but a high performance home will last you much longer.

In high performance homes, every material and building method is scrutinised and adapted where possible to include more durable, resilient products in your home construction.

These products can include alternate products that replicate the real material, but require less maintenance over time such as timber tiles in place of real timber floorboards.

With more durable building products and construction methods, high-performance homes can become more resilient against natural disasters such as cyclones or tsunamis, as well as other hazards such as bushfires.

Life-Cycle Performance

While the end goal is to have a home that functions sustainably, reduces energy consumption and overall, diminishes your environmental footprint, a high-performance home also considers the type of materials that go into the construction of your home, how they are manufactured and disposed of and ultimately, how they perform over the life of the home.

Home owners want a home that will perform highly for the duration of its lifetime, so using materials that continue to provide the best quality of living over a long period are incredibly important.

Health and Comfort

Many people suffer from allergies, including pollen, which can easily find a way into a normal home where the air is pumped in from an external source and is often then recycled throughout the house.

So an easy way to begin to achieve a healthy home is through the improvement of indoor air quality.

High-performance homes have a valuable exchange of air between the indoors and outdoors, which helps to reduce mould growth and filter the pollutants and allergens out of your inside air.

By providing a home that circulates clean air and can naturally control the inside temperature to keep you comfortable, you, your family and even your guests will be stress free with an increased sense of productivity.

Building a Luxury Home in Perth?

As homebuilders in Perth, Beaumonde Homes have a reputation for crafting high-performance homes that meet and exceed your expectations.

Our team work hard to ensure your new home is not just livable, but designed to suit your lifestyle while contributing more positively to the environment.

To get started on your luxury home journey in Perth, contact Beaumonde Homes today to find out why Perth homebuyers choose us to design and build their dream homes.


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