Feb 19,2019

Factors Millennials Should Consider Before Living in the Suburbs

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Owning your first home is a big investment. Not only will you have a lot of questions, but you will also get advice from everyone to recommend what you should be doing.

Should you buy or build, choose a home in an inner-city suburb or live in a newly established estate on the outskirts of the city?

At Beaumonde Homes, our team has put together some worthwhile points to think about before you buy or build your new home in Perth.

Does the suburb suit you?


Choosing a suburb to live in is like choosing your community. Some communities include local supermarkets while others have major shopping centres with everything close by, or maybe it is important that you can walk your dog down to a local café on the weekend for a coffee.

Inner City Living

If you want to live close to public transport, work, restaurants and the city nightlife, you might opt for a suburb in the heart of the city where you can use your car less.

It is worth remembering that if you want to opt for an inner city home that the chances are you will be trading in a large house for a sometimes quite pricey modern compact apartment where pets may not be allowed.


Living right in the city isn’t for everyone, particularly those who love having their own space with a backyard.

But you don’t have to give up the convenience of city living if you choose to live in the suburbs; you can still access public transport and be close to the action

Urban suburbs like Leederville, Mt Lawley, Maylands, Victoria Park and Fremantle are popular even with those who live outside those suburbs, as they often hold markets and also offer up great restaurant and café strips that you can stroll down to on a lazy Sunday.

Family Friendly

If you’re looking at a home for the future, you may want to consider a family friendly suburb that is close to schools, shopping centres, sporting fields and public transport.

Homes in family friendly suburbs are usually larger, often two storey with more rooms, outdoor space for entertaining and a backyard for pets and kids to run around in.

Beaumonde Homes are two storey homebuilders in Perth, with the aim give homebuyers the most use out of their land by building upwards, not outwards.

Lifestyle Value

Identifying and understanding your lifestyle needs and values will help you to pinpoint what matters to you, helping you to find a home that suits you.

An important aspect to consider in buying a home that fits your lifestyle is current infrastructure and development when it comes to transport, such as road upgrades and public transport improvements.

As we’ve touched on, accessible public transport is a big factor to consider for most homebuyers, as it enables kids and adults to both leave the car at home to get to work, school, the shops or even to the city for a night out.

Any current and upcoming major infrastructure developments entice property investors to buy and with good reason too; infrastructure projects result in higher property values as they make suburbs more accessible.

Potential Resale Value of Homes

Another point to consider in buying your home is the resale value of your home down the track.

A suburban home with good resale value usually has aspects that aren’t standard in a house, such as three or more bedrooms and bathrooms, a swimming pool, a patio or outdoor entertaining area, two-car garage, walk-in robe or a good-sized backyard.

If you choose to build your first home in the suburbs, it is important to choose a reputable builder who knows how to build you a home that meets your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Safety and Crime Statistics

Even if you love everything else about your suburb, you may find that your potential suburb is prone to crime such as break and enters, drug offences, robberies or assaults.

Before you choose your suburb, do your research using Western Australia Police Crime Statistics, where you can find current crime statistics based on location or offence category.

Western Australia Police Crime Statistics

It is important to factor in that increased crime rates in your suburb may drive up your insurance premiums on assets such as your home, contents, and car.

Luxury Home Builders in Perth

At Beaumonde Homes, we pride ourselves on our strong reputation for service, versatility, professionalism and expertise.

Our two storey luxury homes are crafted to suit your needs. We work with each homebuyer throughout the entire process to ensure the home we build is a home you will love for years to come.

Contact us today to find out why your first home should be built by the professionals at Beaumonde Homes.


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