Jan 04,2020

Three Reasons Why a Modern Home Design Works For Any Age Today

Residential architecture tells a story of years past, some suburban homes capture the Victorian era of homes, with their wrought-iron verandas and simple, yet functional designs, while the post-war brick veneer style of homes, which became popular after World War II, can still be found across the country today.


When it comes to building a luxury house designs in Perth, we are firm believers that the modern home design works for homebuilders of any age.


What is a Modern Home Design?

The modern home design we know today was born out of a rejection of other more decorative styles, such as Renaissance and Victorian styles.


Modernism strips away a lot of the decorative, heavy textures of yesteryear to create a sleek, somewhat minimalist design that makes the space practical and functional while allowing the homeowner to get creative with the interior design and décor.


How can it Work for Me?

Many Beaumonde Homes’ clients opt for a modern home design because it produces a clean, sleek look that won’t date quickly.


As house builders in Perth, we take great pride in designing modern homes that are high performance and meet all of your expectations.


To find out more about high performance house designs in Perth, take a look at our blog here.



The clean lines and modest detail of a modern home design leaves the customisation up to the homeowner, allowing décor such furniture, indoor plants and art to become the centerpieces of the room.


Modern home design uses a lot of wood, metal, stone and glass to create simple structures that become a basis for your creative flair.


When it comes to choosing the details of your home design, luxury homebuilders in Perth such as Beaumonde Homes can guide you to choose colours and textures for your home that work beautifully together.



A big drawcard of the modern home design is its simple, efficient layout that maximises your views and natural sunlight, results in less interior walls and doors and overall creates an aesthetically pleasing experience.


In a modern home design, nothing is randomly chosen or placed; everything has a practical purpose.


This practical, minimalist design detail also lends itself to be a more cost effective option when you are building a home, as you don’t have to consider and pay for all of the decorative designs.



When you are designing each room in your home with your trusted homebuilder, you want to make sure it is as functional and efficient as possible.


Modern home designs create optimum functionality through large open designs, natural sunlight and airflow, removing obstacles and unnatural transitions between spaces so that you can get the most out of your home.


At Beaumonde Homes, we don’t build houses, we build homes that are made for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


Contact the team at Beaumonde Homes today to find out how we can craft you a truly unique modern house design in Perth.


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    Dec 19,2019

    Why People are Moving to Perth

    Western Australia’s humble capital city of Perth has long been an underdog to larger, busier cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, where tourists and business people alike have flocked to be in the middle of the action.

    However, for those in the know, it is becoming more clear that Perth is the ideal place to live; even The New York Times named Perth on its list of 52 Places to Go in 2019 list, referring to Perth as a “city transformed and enlivened”.

    If you are ready for a change of scenery or looking for a worthwhile investment property, Perth should be at the top of your list, particularly because if its positive economic prospects and the country’s strongest job market.

    Whether your dream is to live on West Coast Drive overlooking the Indian Ocean or invest in a luxury house in a leafy green suburb, the best place to start is with a luxury homebuilder such as Beaumonde Homes.

    Luxury Homes

    Anyone who has bought a house before knows how difficult it is to find an existing home that meets your current and future needs.

    Building a custom home with a luxury builder like Beaumonde Homes will ensure you can have the exact home you want in the suburb you love in Perth.

    The Low Down on Perth

    Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city, based on an estimated population size of over 2.14 million people; the city has seen an average growth rate of 4.59% over the last eight years (since 2011).

    On top of The New York Times’ recent recommendation of Perth, American multimillionaire Bill Tai has tipped Perth to become the world’s next Silicon Valley. He said factors such as lifestyle are important to the current generation of entrepreneurs, which will ultimately entice more of them to Perth.

    Positive Economic Prospects

    When you are investing in a new home, potentially in a new city, you want to know that the economy is well supported now and well into the future to protect your investment.

    In Perth, the prospects are overwhelmingly positive, with investments in new projects, increases in minerals exploration and job vacancies.

    Some of Perth’s large population growth can be attributed to the mining sector, where a lot of jobs were created, luring people to live in WA. The local economy is improving, with bright prospects on the jobs front with some mining interests recommencing and pulling a lot more jobs back into Western Australia.

    In 2018, Housing Industry Association figures showed the Perth property market was the most affordable of Australia’s capital cities.

    The Country’s Strongest Job Market

    In September 2018, Bureau of Statistics figures showed that in the six months since March, almost 24,000 full time jobs, or 2.6%, were added to the market.

    During the past year, there has also been a record number of West Australians employed in either part-time or full-time employment, with the unemployment rate sitting at 6.4%.

    Now is the Time to Invest in Perth

    If you have been waiting for the right time to invest and build a luxury home, this is your opportunity.

    There are some great affordable yet stunning up-and-coming Perth suburbs where you can build your luxury home, or you can opt for a more affluent suburb with an established reputation for luxurious homes.

    You can view the Perth suburb price data on the Real Estate Institute of WA’s website.

    Luxury Builders in Perth

    If you are ready to make the move to Perth and you have your dream home in mind, look no further than Beaumonde Homes, Perth’s luxury builders.
    Beaumonde Homes are a trusted name in the building industry, with more than 30 years experience in crafting luxury house plans and delivering homes, not houses, to our valued clients.

    Contact us today to find out how Beaumonde Homes can build your dream home in Perth.


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      Oct 11,2019

      What Makes a Home a Luxury Home?

      “Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all, quality” – wise words from Angelo Bonati, the man behind global watch brand Panerai.

      His words ring true when it comes to luxury home designs too; a luxury home is the perfect balance of design and quality.

      During the home design and construction process with Beaumonde Homes, luxury and opulence don’t just happen by chance – they are they result of meticulous planning, experience, craftsmanship and communication from the team at Beaumonde Homes.

      The Top Three Qualities of Luxury Homes in Perth

      When you think of luxury living, what kind of traits and factors spring to mind? For some, maybe it’s the floor to ceiling windows that let the light stream into their open plan living and entertaining area and for others, maybe a walk-in robe, scullery or theatre encapsulates their idea of a luxury home.

      When the team at Beaumonde Homes design and build luxury homes in Perth, we focus on three factors.


      If a home is luxurious to look at, but not liveable, it’s not much good to anyone!

      Liveability encompasses a range of design factors and decisions, from a floor plan that flows logically throughout your home to the inclusion of smart appliances and fittings that improve your day-to-day life. Every facet of your home should come together to work seamlessly.

      As with any home, you want a home design that not only suits your family today; you want a modern house that can grow with your family tomorrow and into the future.

      It can be as simple as ensuring that your open plan living and entertaining space is at the opposite end of the house to your bedrooms or study, or ensuring that natural light is abundant in the home to reduce lighting costs.

      If you’re hoping to build an eco-friendly home, Beaumonde Homes are dedicated to crafting high-performance homes that integrates and optimises all building attributes, such as energy efficiency and durability.

      Luxe Amenities

      The luxe amenities alone can be enough to distinguish a regular residential home from a luxury home in Perth. It may be as simple as a kitchen with a large island benchtop, a scullery and restaurant quality appliances.

      For others, amenities that are more lavish may include an indoor/outdoor swimming pool that resembles that of a resort, a private home theatre for watching the latest blockbusters with friends and family or maybe a private wine cellar for all your entertaining needs.

      Or maybe you’ve dreamt of a balcony that opens up from the master bedroom, looking over your garden below, and attaches to your large ensuite and spa bath.

      Quality Workmanship, Materials & Finishes

      From the start of construction to the move-in ready result, a luxury home should meet the highest building and construction standards and use the best quality materials, finishes and products throughout the home.

      With over 30 years of experience in designing and building luxury homes in Perth, Beaumonde Homes have exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that your home is customised to your style whilst still exceeding your expectations of workmanship and finishings.

      Create Your Own Luxury Home

      Your dream home doesn’t have to remain a dream – you can create your own luxury home in Perth with Beaumonde Homes.

      At Beaumonde Homes, we encourage you to define your own sense of luxury.

      Whether you want to take inspiration from one of our award-winning display homes or you want to create an original and bespoke luxury home for you and your family, the team at Beaumonde Homes are ready to bring your ideas to life.

      Beaumonde Homes – Leaders in Luxury Homes in Perth

      Building your luxury home in Perth can be a daunting experience, so why not take the stress and guesswork out of the process by contacting the team at Beaumonde Homes?

      With over 30 years of experience in creating luxurious homes for the people of Perth, Beaumonde Homes have built a reputation as professional homebuilders with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence.

      Contact Beaumonde Homes today to find out just how easy it can be to have your very own luxury home in Perth.


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        Sep 02,2019

        Why The Lake Lugano is the Best Choice for a Two Storey Home in Perth


        It doesn’t get much better than the Lake Lugano, named a winner at the 2018 HIA COLORBOND steel Matt Perth Housing Awards.


        The Lake Lugano is one of Beaumonde Homes current display homes, which combines modern elegance with practical living, setting a new standard for luxury two storey homes in Perth.

        There is so much to fall in love with in the Lake Lugano, from the resort-inspired design to the luxe offerings in every corner of the home.


        Resort-Inspired Design

        Before you even walk into the house, you are welcomed to the Lake Lugano by the stunning feature stained 2340mm Hume Nexus front entry doors; if you’re a fan of these doors, you’ll love the use of the Hume Accent range throughout the house.


        The Lake Lugano’s master suite features an elongated dressing room, an ensuite and a balcony, which overlooks the courtyard alfresco and pool.


        The common areas in the house are adorned with natural sunlight, which brings an open and airy feel to the space.


        With its own private theatre, a sizable pool and a courtyard that features a sophisticated bridge over an outstanding water feature, seamlessly connecting the courtyard alfresco area, you’ll find yourself in awe of the little details that make your home feel like a luxury resort.


        Open Floor Plan

        Lake Lugano’s rear area is dominated by a stunning open-plan living and dining area to bring family and friends together.


        The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it is no surprise that Beaumonde Homes have chosen to make the kitchen the central feature of the rear of the Lake Lugano, with views that overlook the dining and family areas. From the kitchen, you also have a perfect view of the alfresco and pool spaces through floor-to-ceiling glass windows.


        The open design of this two storey home in Perth balances practical living and entertaining by creating a smooth flow between the various areas of the house.


        Luxe Offerings and High Quality Finishings

        Accompanying the spectacular layout of the home is a number of luxurious appliances and fittings, such as a double-stacked oven, a steam oven and a microwave. The kitchen makes the most of the space with a huge bench top and scullery.


        A glass balustrade beautifully frames the stairs while a glass splashback brings a crisp finish to the kitchen, complementing the Caesarstone bench tops that adorn the kitchen and scullery.


        Soft closing drawers are also a welcome addition to all cabinets throughout the home, as are the on-trend downlights that provide light throughout the house.


        Each home from Beaumonde Homes is built to last; our team of site supervisors and tradesmen have worked with Beaumonde for years and understand the importance of building your home to the highest standard.


        Dreaming of a Two Storey Home in Perth? Contact Beaumonde Homes

        The Lake Lugano is just one example of the high quality, luxurious two storey homes in Perth that our team at Beaumonde Homes are renowned for – you can see it for yourself in Iluka today!


        At Beaumonde Homes, we build homes that focus on your needs as a homeowner and simultaneously exceed your expectations.


        Get started on your luxury home journey today with a two storey home in Perth by award-winning builders Beaumonde Homes.


        Contact our team today to find out why more and more homebuilders are trusting us to create their dream luxury home.




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          Apr 09,2019

          Make a Sound Investment with a Custom-Designed Home


          If you are in the market to buy a new home, you may be trying to decide whether existing or custom-designed is right for you.

          While buying an older, existing house may give you instant gratification, building a custom-designed house will see your family well into the future.

          A custom-designed home from a luxury homebuilder is more than just a new home; it is a great long-term investment that is designed to suit you and your family’s needs.

          A Custom House is an Investment, Not a Purchase

          Many homebuyers are leaning towards a custom-built home today because it offers them the opportunity to design the home they want and need, rather than settling for a house that only offers some of the aspects you need.

          Budget Control

          Choosing a luxury homebuilder will allow you to control your costs from initial house plans to the finished product.

          When you engage a custom home builder in Perth such as Beaumonde Homes, you will have a dedicated team member work with you to discuss your needs and help you to design every feature in your home.

          As part of the process, a homebuilder will draw up your house plans, manage the building phase and liaise with you every step in the way to ensure your home stays within your budget.

          High-Quality Standards

          Finding a company who can build your home exactly to your needs is important – not only do you need to trust them to listen to you, you need to be sure they can actually build your home the way you want.

          Luxury homebuilders such as Beaumonde Homes are built on reputation, using the highest quality materials to build your home to the highest standard.

          The initial cost of investing in a custom-built home may be slightly higher than buying an existing home, but down the track, a custom home will attract a higher property value

          Deal Directly with your Luxury Custom Builder

          If you chose to build your home with a commercial homebuilder, you might find yourself with multiple contacts during the design, construction and finishing phase.

          With a luxury custom-builder like Beaumonde Homes, customer service is paramount, which means you will have a constant point of contact for all your queries.

          Original Design

          Creating a custom home not only gives you a home unlike any other, but it also adds substantial value to your property if you choose to sell down the track.

          Other homebuyers will see the value in your home’s unique design, so you are more likely to sell your home for a premium price.

          Hire a Reliable Homebuilder and Save Costs

          Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some guidance, a custom home builder can work with you to create your dream home.

          Choosing a reliable home builder will not only save you from those overly stressful moments, but it will also save you on costs over the duration of your build.

          Reputable luxury homebuilders know their limits, including what is achievable within your timeframe and budget, so they can accurately quote on the costs involved and streamline the process from brief to design and finally, your completed home.

          Custom Homes by Beaumonde Homes

          Beaumonde Homes has built an enviable reputation, with more than three decades of luxury, high-quality homes built in Western Australia.

          We understand that while a homebuilder may look good on paper, or on the internet, you need to see their work first hand to truly understand what they can help you to achieve.

          That is why we encourage all of our potential clients to visit one of our display homes in WA, as this gives you the chance to view how Beaumonde Homes can truly build your home to the highest standard.

          Contact the team at Beaumonde Homes today to get started on your luxury homebuilding journey.


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            Mar 24,2019

            Green Homes are Outdated. Consider Building High-Performance Homes Instead


            With more people becoming increasingly eco-friendly and environmentally aware, a green home became the benchmark to strive for when designing and building a new home.

            However, as construction methods and technology improve, we have established a higher standard to aim for, which brings us to high-performance homes.

            A high-performance home goes beyond energy efficiency, aiming for a more holistic approach to sustainability.

            According to the National Institute of Building Sciences in the US, a high-performance building is one that “integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance, and occupant productivity.”

            So why should modern-day homebuilders in Perth be aiming for high performance homes?

            Beat the Heat

            Perth is the sunniest capital city in the country, with an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day!

            An abundance of sunshine, coupled with Perth’s Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters means that more often than not, Perthians are looking to escape the heat.

            Building a home that is energy efficient not only helps you to keep cool when the temperature peaks, it also helps to lower energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

            Designing and building a high-performance home involves going beyond building standards to create an impeccably insulated home that works hand-in-hand with renewable technology and energy efficient heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable while also being more eco-friendly.

            Make a Home that is Built to Last

            Bricks and mortar may seem to last a lifetime, but a high performance home will last you much longer.

            In high performance homes, every material and building method is scrutinised and adapted where possible to include more durable, resilient products in your home construction.

            These products can include alternate products that replicate the real material, but require less maintenance over time such as timber tiles in place of real timber floorboards.

            With more durable building products and construction methods, high-performance homes can become more resilient against natural disasters such as cyclones or tsunamis, as well as other hazards such as bushfires.

            Life-Cycle Performance

            While the end goal is to have a home that functions sustainably, reduces energy consumption and overall, diminishes your environmental footprint, a high-performance home also considers the type of materials that go into the construction of your home, how they are manufactured and disposed of and ultimately, how they perform over the life of the home.

            Home owners want a home that will perform highly for the duration of its lifetime, so using materials that continue to provide the best quality of living over a long period are incredibly important.

            Health and Comfort

            Many people suffer from allergies, including pollen, which can easily find a way into a normal home where the air is pumped in from an external source and is often then recycled throughout the house.

            So an easy way to begin to achieve a healthy home is through the improvement of indoor air quality.

            High-performance homes have a valuable exchange of air between the indoors and outdoors, which helps to reduce mould growth and filter the pollutants and allergens out of your inside air.

            By providing a home that circulates clean air and can naturally control the inside temperature to keep you comfortable, you, your family and even your guests will be stress free with an increased sense of productivity.

            Building a Luxury Home in Perth?

            As homebuilders in Perth, Beaumonde Homes have a reputation for crafting high-performance homes that meet and exceed your expectations.

            Our team work hard to ensure your new home is not just livable, but designed to suit your lifestyle while contributing more positively to the environment.

            To get started on your luxury home journey in Perth, contact Beaumonde Homes today to find out why Perth homebuyers choose us to design and build their dream homes.


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              Feb 19,2019

              Factors Millennials Should Consider Before Living in the Suburbs

              Good looking Hispanic young couple holding the keys to a house they just bought

              Owning your first home is a big investment. Not only will you have a lot of questions, but you will also get advice from everyone to recommend what you should be doing.

              Should you buy or build, choose a home in an inner-city suburb or live in a newly established estate on the outskirts of the city?

              At Beaumonde Homes, our team has put together some worthwhile points to think about before you buy or build your new home in Perth.

              Does the suburb suit you?


              Choosing a suburb to live in is like choosing your community. Some communities include local supermarkets while others have major shopping centres with everything close by, or maybe it is important that you can walk your dog down to a local café on the weekend for a coffee.

              Inner City Living

              If you want to live close to public transport, work, restaurants and the city nightlife, you might opt for a suburb in the heart of the city where you can use your car less.

              It is worth remembering that if you want to opt for an inner city home that the chances are you will be trading in a large house for a sometimes quite pricey modern compact apartment where pets may not be allowed.


              Living right in the city isn’t for everyone, particularly those who love having their own space with a backyard.

              But you don’t have to give up the convenience of city living if you choose to live in the suburbs; you can still access public transport and be close to the action

              Urban suburbs like Leederville, Mt Lawley, Maylands, Victoria Park and Fremantle are popular even with those who live outside those suburbs, as they often hold markets and also offer up great restaurant and café strips that you can stroll down to on a lazy Sunday.

              Family Friendly

              If you’re looking at a home for the future, you may want to consider a family friendly suburb that is close to schools, shopping centres, sporting fields and public transport.

              Homes in family friendly suburbs are usually larger, often two storey with more rooms, outdoor space for entertaining and a backyard for pets and kids to run around in.

              Beaumonde Homes are two storey homebuilders in Perth, with the aim give homebuyers the most use out of their land by building upwards, not outwards.

              Lifestyle Value

              Identifying and understanding your lifestyle needs and values will help you to pinpoint what matters to you, helping you to find a home that suits you.

              An important aspect to consider in buying a home that fits your lifestyle is current infrastructure and development when it comes to transport, such as road upgrades and public transport improvements.

              As we’ve touched on, accessible public transport is a big factor to consider for most homebuyers, as it enables kids and adults to both leave the car at home to get to work, school, the shops or even to the city for a night out.

              Any current and upcoming major infrastructure developments entice property investors to buy and with good reason too; infrastructure projects result in higher property values as they make suburbs more accessible.

              Potential Resale Value of Homes

              Another point to consider in buying your home is the resale value of your home down the track.

              A suburban home with good resale value usually has aspects that aren’t standard in a house, such as three or more bedrooms and bathrooms, a swimming pool, a patio or outdoor entertaining area, two-car garage, walk-in robe or a good-sized backyard.

              If you choose to build your first home in the suburbs, it is important to choose a reputable builder who knows how to build you a home that meets your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

              Safety and Crime Statistics

              Even if you love everything else about your suburb, you may find that your potential suburb is prone to crime such as break and enters, drug offences, robberies or assaults.

              Before you choose your suburb, do your research using Western Australia Police Crime Statistics, where you can find current crime statistics based on location or offence category.

              Western Australia Police Crime Statistics

              It is important to factor in that increased crime rates in your suburb may drive up your insurance premiums on assets such as your home, contents, and car.

              Luxury Home Builders in Perth

              At Beaumonde Homes, we pride ourselves on our strong reputation for service, versatility, professionalism and expertise.

              Our two storey luxury homes are crafted to suit your needs. We work with each homebuyer throughout the entire process to ensure the home we build is a home you will love for years to come.

              Contact us today to find out why your first home should be built by the professionals at Beaumonde Homes.


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